Happy Birthday N. The one who drives me insane. l hate how vulnerable i can be when i love someone. Thats why i choose not to show you how much i love you because i might appear weak and it will be easy for u to break me into pieces again... The very 1st time i get affected so easily by a guy's actions and words. I hate the fact that i cant unlove you. Maybe i could find 10 thousand guys better than you but you know how hard-headed i can be at times and i still want you. I hate myself for having this kind of attitude. But idk. You could utter countless cursed words and ofc i will get upset and sad but i get over it and love you again.. idk why i did that..

Based on my experience dealing with your alter ego, i wanna fix the broken part of you. Tho im a mess and damaged. I still want to fix you. Im afraid that i cant do this anymore and ended up marrying someone else because i give up on you. I never imagine myself loving someone else. I wanna grow old with you and you said once we gonna have lots of kids.

But funny.
Look where are we now :)

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