Menyembunyikan cinta yang jelas kau bisa nampak di raut wajah,
Tiap kali bertemu kami--
Itu adalah perkara paling sukar dalam hidup yang pernah aku lakukan.

4 Oktber 2017


Dalam gelap kamu suluh cahaya di mana sumbernya datang daripada serpihan diri kamu yang berkecai.
Dalam diam aku intai setiap peluang dan ruang yang ada bagi mendekatkan diri dalam keterpaksaan mengukir senyum ketika melihat kamu.
Dalam hati hanya pencipta sekalian alam yang tahu yang aku sering hadapkan ketika minda kusut dengan soalan.
Bermula sudah.
Tiada siapa yang tahu.
Kerana penyudahnya apa yang pasti;
Semua berbalik juga kepada DIA.

22 Sept 2017




I never picture myself as a perfect human being.
Like not perfect at all.
Things that are easy for you guys, i find it hard for me to do.
In terms of everything.
Study-- social skills-- or whatever lah.
Tbh its kinda sad belonging to the minority.
The misfits.
But after all, I do believe we are all different in a way that makes us whole.
We complete each other.
If everyone is like me, who would help the imperfect human being like-- me?
Or the other way around.
So bersyukurlah.
Okey? :)

I miss him.

That person is sitting in front of you.
But you cant say anything.
Both of you guys just keep on staring at each other phone.
Scrolling the social media.
You both love each other but you dont know what to do.
You keep things inside.
When nothing feels right and nothing feels wrong too.
Ever felt so lonely and you miss someone but you cant say anything to that person? You keep everything inside you heart.
You start expecting things you really wanna do with that person.
You miss him.
But the only thing you can do is-- to include that person's name in your dua.
We both belong to same creator.
Allah :)


Happy Birthday N. The one who drives me insane. l hate how vulnerable i can be when i love someone. Thats why i choose not to show you how much i love you because i might appear weak and it will be easy for u to break me into pieces again... The very 1st time i get affected so easily by a guy's actions and words. I hate the fact that i cant unlove you. Maybe i could find 10 thousand guys better than you but you know how hard-headed i can be at times and i still want you. I hate myself for having this kind of attitude. But idk. You could utter countless cursed words and ofc i will get upset and sad but i get over it and love you again.. idk why i did that..

Based on my experience dealing with your alter ego, i wanna fix the broken part of you. Tho im a mess and damaged. I still want to fix you. Im afraid that i cant do this anymore and ended up marrying someone else because i give up on you. I never imagine myself loving someone else. I wanna grow old with you and you said once we…


I loved him.
I love him.
And i will always love him.