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I never picture myself as a perfect human being.
Like not perfect at all.
Things that are easy for you guys, i find it hard for me to do.
In terms of everything.
Study-- social skills-- or whatever lah.
Tbh its kinda sad belonging to the minority.
The misfits.
But after all, I do believe we are all different in a way that makes us whole.
We complete each other.
If everyone is like me, who would help the imperfect human being like-- me?
Or the other way around.
So bersyukurlah.
Okey? :)

I miss him.

That person is sitting in front of you.
But you cant say anything.
Both of you guys just keep on staring at each other phone.
Scrolling the social media.
You both love each other but you dont know what to do.
You keep things inside.
When nothing feels right and nothing feels wrong too.
Ever felt so lonely and you miss someone but you cant say anything to that person? You keep everything inside you heart.
You start expecting things you really wanna do with that person.
You miss him.
But the only thing you can do is-- to include that person's name in your dua.
We both belong to same creator.
Allah :)