To give up or not to give up. Choices are in your hands.

I have two choices.
The easiest one & the hard one.
I can take the easiest one if I want to--
But no.
Because the only thing that i want from the start is to become someone with goals and the only way to get it is to give my 100% hard work to it. But moral support from my family & my best friends. I need it the most. I want to try and i want to see if i can go beyond my limitation. I know things are hard. But somehow there are voices screaming in my head telling me not to give up on my dream that easy.  I admit there are times that i cry behind closed door. Crying. Over and over again. You see. Failing is never easy. Dealing with depression and anxiety are hard. Trust me i been there. But i want to do it. I really dont want to give up.
I received harsh words from everyone. Been cursed at so many times just because im a failure.
Failing is shitty. Yes.
But to give up is shitty-er.

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