"I love him. But he never loves me what should i do? "

Let me share with all of you my story.

I been in a situation where i was madly in love with this one guy, but this person, he never loved me as much as i did love him. So the only thing i can do as his friend was by allowing him to love other girl besides me.

Girls, you know Love is real when the only thing you want for that person is to be happy. With or without you, but please be happy. Thats all you'll ever ask him for. You know you really loves him when you want him to be happy. So what i did was--
i asked him to date a girl he can handle.
Yes i asked him.
We were in a relationship for few months. It was lovely. Ofc. You were in a relationship with your crush. Who wouldnt like it duh???

But too bad in life you cannot force love. Love comes from your heart. Not your mind.

I can felt him struggling to understand me.

So i decided to end the relationship with me and asked him to date someone else.

To date someone he feels happy to be around. Someone he wants to give his all. Someone he cant go a day without thinking of. Yeah..

You see--

Every one sided love story has its own ending. The love wont last forever for that one particular person. Love has an expiration date if it is clearly not real and wrong. You just gotta wait for 'your time' to come. One day one guy will walk in your life and show you the real love you should be getting from a guy. You might think you cannot love anyone other than that guy, but please girls.
Dont you believe with the word redha itself? :)

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